Outage (Excerpt)

Outage (Excerpt)

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Bruce W. Powe By BWPowe Updated Sep 16, 2014

Part fiction, part memoir, Outage is a journey that brings the reader through the familiar dissonance of our present age--dissonance created by the magnetic, electrical forces of the universe which we absorb daily through television, radio and other signals. B.W. Powe explores the moment of darkness so many of us know, when life simply seems to spin apart around us. These occasions, may be precipitated by personal events--divorce, drug abuse--or simply by our inability to absorb any more information.

Starting with the stock market crash of 1987, moving back to the suburban shelter of the 1970s and forward to the streets and underground clubs of our modern urban age, Outage takes us on a trip to a world that is at once painfully familiar and hauntingly surreal.

"Powe has created something remarkable...a sort of video novel, a hybrid of genres and media that transcends the ordinary and offers a new vision in a new way of a society dancing to electronically generated signals..." Calgary Herald

Published by Random House, 1995.