Love Through Me (Lesbian Story)

Love Through Me (Lesbian Story)

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Her breath coated my throat and I bit my lip stifling a moan.
A vivid image of Riley's lips pressed against my neck forced me to squeeze my thighs together feeling a tug of pleasure swarm over me like an ignited flame. I couldn't think about any woman like this, but it was Riley.
She pulled back gazing into my eyes. "Do you know how beautiful you are?"
My eyes watered, body trembling as she brushed her thumb over my bottom lip. I couldn't control the feelings I was getting and the way my body reacted to her.
 "If you say most be true," I said weakly swallowing nothing down.
Riley closed her eyes leaning her forehead into mines. I could feel her shudder trying to control her breathing and right at this moment I knew there was something more between us I would have to face.


"Love Through Me," is a story that many could relate to or just feel as if lived personally. A story of two women who are faced with a reality. Love isn't easy but you can have it if you want it.

Leelee005 Leelee005 Jun 02
So she's gay? Did she find out when she slept with him? Because ouch lol
Leelee005 Leelee005 Jun 02
She kinda reminds me of someone...some things are different but damn.
It would've been horrible if Derek had said "Not really,I actually mentioned her recently."
My mom used to be like this, until she decided to attend college again , then she realized even B's were hard to get😂
                              Now she goes around telling people how smart I am😎
And she's gay,  what do ya think Murphy? Is it a win for the other team? I think so.   
                              I agree with you Matt.  *both Matt and Murphy lean in to kiss*
Why isn't Jamie called Maya?! I've been 🚢 those two for ages!