Ante Meridiem

Ante Meridiem

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A dialogue short story about the things we wake up to that remind us there are still things in this life worth waking up for.

ante meridiem - [adv. & adj.] "before noon;" Abbr: A.M. Or a.m.

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bloodfinch bloodfinch Oct 12, 2017
Yes! I've found this story again.  It's such a lovely read, and one of my favourite stories on here. ♥
StrongAndFragile StrongAndFragile Jun 10, 2017
 #rr and yes I've brought the tissues along with me this time.
bookwcrm14 bookwcrm14 Aug 15, 2016
finished the book and let me say, A+. great way to build suspense and then have a strange and intriguing, yet fitting ending. great job :)
loivre loivre Jan 12, 2017
A friend and I were making up things that A.M could stand for and the results went from Asexual Morons, to Animal moans and he was like, "I think we're getting close.”
trimethylxanthine trimethylxanthine Jun 11, 2016
I remembered reading this the first time and i can't help the feels. I knew you took it down for a while and I was M.I.A as well.. i'm just happy to see that it back
citymanner citymanner Oct 10, 2014
I just finished reading and mat I say that this is my favorite book of all time! It's so good!!! Beautiful writing!