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“So Dana just texted and asked me, 'Are you going to school,' triple question mark, sad face sad face.”

“Aww look at that, you're making people sad, Gil.”

“If I make people sad, you make people freaking depressed.”

People shouldn't throw that word around so casually, y'know.”

“What, depressed? I'm not. I mean it.”

“Sure you do.”

“You know you're the hakuna to my matata, Wesley.”

“Someone's been watching too much Disney movies.”

“There's not much on TV when you're an insomniac.”

“Liar, you've got better networks than I do.”

“Alright, you got me. Disney's just pretty swag.”

“Did you just put Disney and swag in one sentence?”

“I also put pretty and swag in one sentence, and I find that even more amusing.”

“Don't tell me I'm starting to rub off on you with the whole Disney thing.”

“Like I said, Disney's pretty swag. Woah there look who just texted.”


“Mr. Dalton.”

“Woah that's new. What did he say? How'd he even get your number man.”

“How am I supposed to know? Just asked if I was up for actually coming to school today.”

“Why aren't you going to school again?”

“You should really be asking yourself that question. I'm just making you my role model and following in your footsteps.”

“You really shouldn't.”

“But you never go to school anymore. Kinda makes me want to be where you are. We can just hang out again like we used to.”

“It's not a nice place. Here I mean. Kinda wish I was still there.”

“You make it sound like a hell hole.”

“That's actually a pretty accurate description.”

“...Hope it's not.”

“Seriously, you're worrying people. Go to school.”

“I can't just yet. Good morning, Wes.” 

...Good morning, Gil.”

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