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“I've been having some crazy dreams lately.”

“Gil, buddy, you don't have to be ashamed to tell me if you've been having dreams about men, because I'm pretty sure I saw that coming a looooooong time ago.”

“Are we seriously going back to the gay jokes again?”

“Isn't that what guys do, joke about being gay?”

“It's not what we do. Not really.”

“I dunno, I thought you'd find them funny, you and your other friends joke around about it all the time.”

“Well, they're not you, Wes. They're not my best friend.”

“I don't know if I should be pissed because I'm not allowed to joke around with you like your other friends, or touched because I'm a special snowflake.”

“If it helps, the dreams I have...you're always in them.”

“And yet again, I don't know if I should be creeped out or touched.”

“Maybe a bit of both?”

“So what do we do in these dreams of yours?”

“We just hang out. Feels a lot like deja vu really. It's pretty weird. Feels a lot like now.”

“Pretty sure you're wide awake right now, Gil.”

“Yeah, but it's still weird.”

You're weird.”

“I think the right term is crazy.”

“Well, that's okay. You're my crazy little Gilly-willy.”

“...you did not just quote Caroline. How'd you know about that, anyway?”

“I know all things, Little Lotus Flower. Like karate sensei-s. Totally want to make a karate movie one day.”

“You want to make all kinds of movies one day.”

“Yup, I do.”

“I don't see how making movies are so fun, though. Watching them is fun, but making them? Seems like a pain in the ass.”

“I just like how they can tell this really amazing story from start to finish and still manage to keep it awesome. Because life is rarely like that, y'know? Life is rarely awesome from start to finish.”

“I guess I get your point.”

“Like I said, 'm always right.”

“...Maybe. Goodmorning, Wes.” 

Good morning, Gil.”

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