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Fire With Fire (First of The Creators Saga)

Fire With Fire (First of The Creators Saga)

33.5K Reads 1.1K Votes 12 Part Story
Miss Moffat By WritersBlock039 Completed

She always dreamed of being one of the Creators, one of the elite of the elite, one of the Time Lords who invented. She got her wish.

But being a Creator is a dangerous task. Her first creation was powerful enough that the Time Lords deemed her dangerous, and kept a close eye on her ever since.

Her first creation was the Moment. The same weapon used to destroy Gallifrey during the Time War.

The Alchemist barely escapes with her life, but being transported along with a Dalek to a museum where alien artifacts are scavenged is not the best way to live fifty years of her life.

Then came the Doctor. Then came her rescue. Then came her hatred for the man who destroyed her home.

And then came the fight of fire against fire. Someone's going to be burned. But who?


I don't own Doctor Who. That is owned by BBC America. The Alchemist, however, and the concept of the Creators are my own.

The cover on the side was also done by _marvelous.

I've only got 13% battery left but I'm starting this anyway.
-deansbaby -deansbaby Apr 21, 2016
Not gonna lie, I was running out of time and skipped to the engagement, probably will go back and read it
Alpha087 Alpha087 May 04, 2016
It was hard to read the Doctor hating Jessie. It never felt right.
JillyJayjjishere JillyJayjjishere Aug 03, 2015
wow. This literally left me speechless for a minute! I have a feeling this will be a really good story.
Sallymaria101 Sallymaria101 Aug 29, 2014
they would probably experiment on her and lock her up like the dalek idiots that would be a terrible idea to do that to a timelord who created the moment
Sallymaria101 Sallymaria101 Aug 28, 2014
She created the moment??? That is a very good twist bit wouldn't the doctor be wary of her since most timelords were slightly vindictive?