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I'm human | Liam Dunbar by punchmepls_
I'm human | Liam Dunbarby peachflavourdbleach
Adelaide Stilinksi, just a regular human dragged head-first into a reality she believed to be fairytale. At a young age she knew of the existence of the supernatural in...
The Legendary Gangsters 2 by Blue_Moon050
The Legendary Gangsters 2by Blu Moon
In the World Full of fakes, Respect the people who stay real. •New Generation • Bakit ba kailangan pang humantong sa ganito? Pwede namang sabihin para walang taong iiya...
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Lil'Killer Rabbit  by Lady_Night-Chan
Lil'Killer Rabbit by Night
Izumi Midoriya was a sweet and innocent girl that loved one thing above all. Villains. She loved them but told no one not even her best friend. She covered up her love f...
the love of my anti-social life by 1sab3llablair
the love of my anti-social lifeby isabella blair
brother's bestfriend is the one for me
Sleeping In The Snow  by theexoticbutters
Sleeping In The Snow by Jynx
"What if you never wake up one day?" Yes I'm gonna actually try and finish this one. Don't worry. Also it's ussr x uk.
Doctor Who Imagines  by Nova-Quinn
Doctor Who Imagines by Nova
Just a bunch of Doctor Who Imagines either x reader or x OC. It's basically some random things that I come up with in my head. I don't own Doctor Who but I do own any OC...
Vừa thấy nam chủ liền chân mềm by meomeomeo299
Vừa thấy nam chủ liền chân mềmby Thịt bò hầm
Tác giả:Chi chín Mau xuyên, mỗi cái chuyện xưa đều là 1V1~ có thể coi như độc lập chuyện xưa tới xem ~ tuấn nam mỹ nữ, ngày càng không hố, xin yên tâm dùng ăn ~
The Princess Switch - Cassarian Story by -purpleMARI09-
The Princess Switch - Cassarian St...by -Queen of Mileys-
Cassarian Story Rapunzel is tired of being a princess. She lost control of her patience when she promised to spend her day with the Snuggly Ducklings. But the plan chang...
Nam thần công lược nhật ký ( mau xuyên ) by meomeomeo299
Nam thần công lược nhật ký ( mau x...by Thịt bò hầm
Tác giả:Lười nhác Nam nữ việc, gì chi vận là cái rõ đầu rõ đuôi tài xế già. Xuyên tiến hệ thống lúc sau, người bất quá vứt vứt mị nhãn, ngoắc ngoắc ngón tay, những cái đ...
Happy birthday, Kei!© by -Tsukkei-
Happy birthday, Kei!©by Tsukkei
Drabbles para festejar el cumpleaños de nuestro amado Kei. ----------------------- Todos los derechos reservados. Historia resg...
?? x 10; Ngoảnh lại về phía nhau by jin_ntmc
?? x 10; Ngoảnh lại về phía nhauby ngọkku.
Nguyễn Công Phượng Vũ Văn Thanh Nguyễn Tuấn Anh Lương Xuân Trường Nguyễn Văn Toàn
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Mạt thế trọng sinh chi yêu nữ nghịch tập by meomeomeo299
Mạt thế trọng sinh chi yêu nữ nghị...by Thịt bò hầm
Tác giả:Dương bảy Thịt, thịt heo! Coi trọng sinh mà đến yêu nữ là như thế nào ở mạt thế, đánh tra nam, dẫm tra nữ, hoành hành mạt thế, mở rộng ra hậu cung, quảng thu mỹ...
CHRUCH ZUM FICKEN by Lenawiele1803
CHRUCH ZUM FICKENby Lenawiele1803
in der geschichte geht es um Lea und Noah lea ist heimlich in noah verknallt doch was auf seiner antwort folgt hätte sich niemand zu träumen gewagt.
Creepypasta Zodiacs by tsundere_bitch
Creepypasta Zodiacsby Rags
hi guys this is my book about Zodiacs WARNING I do not no anything about Zodiacs but the months there in so have fun WARNING I suck at writing
Cookies for Rookies by JINXDAPANDAAA
Cookies for Rookiesby Jinx Zam'Luna
in the apocalypse a fearless team of- *WOMANLY MAN SCREAMS* brave team 'MOMMY' a bootleg family of fighters will attempt to save the world.
Our Love Can't Last Forever by BlackTulipsForYou
Our Love Can't Last Foreverby BlackTulipsForYou
This story is about a man (Thanus Thane) had XP sun disease. Which is extremely sensitive from ultra violet rays from sunlight and highly susceptible to Skin Cancer and...
Un libro dedicado al lindo Shun, en donde verán a este caballero de bronce con diferentes parejas y algunas situaciones tanto cómicas, como románticas y trágicas. Los pe...
THE PAST by _darkfire
The Past #season1 Strangers becomes high school classmates to friends to lovers to stranger again. Asher Ezekiel Valdez and Khianna Avianna Eunice Salvana are totally...