Slowly Shining (Book Two of The Creators Saga)

Slowly Shining (Book Two of The Creators Saga)

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The Alchemist has saved Rose from the fate of the Bad Wolf, but the Doctor gave up his life to save her in return. With all past horrible thoughts about the Doctor thrown out the window, the Alchemist is determined to make everything up to him, starting with completing their mental link, and forming a Bond, with nothing could break, and stronger than any marriage.

But the legend of the Creators lingers on their minds. Is the threat of the Vortex completely gone now that the Alchemist has accepted all that she can do? How far can she survive after that much exposure, even with the Doctor's regeneration to save her? What does the Beast have to say about the last of Gallifrey's finest warriors?

The Doctor and the Alchemist are determined to find out, before Torchwood comes to find them . . . but will the Alchemist even survive that far?


I definitely don't own anything at all related to Doctor Who. That goes to BBC, and the makers of Doctor Who. I only own the Alchemist and the concept of the Creators.

Also, the cover is done by _marvelous.

*puts three fingers to lips and raises them, whistling* I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE
Definitely am.This is more than likely to be brilliant like the rest of you books!
Jack I swear if you ruin their relationship I will throw you into the Eye Of Harmony!
Wouldn't it be funny if it was a previous regen that showed up and Rose was just screaming Doctor while pounding on the door and when he came out they both got hella confused.
I just now looked at yur profile and all the Doctor Whoness. I think I'm in love!
Angie_Total-Verhext Angie_Total-Verhext Mar 12, 2015
Please don't say during Doomsday. I can't get through that ●.●