She-Wolf Chronicles: United Forces (1)

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The Alpha’s youngest daughter, Mitchie Oaken, has always known she was different to the rest of her broken family. Where her older siblings had already shifted into their Werewolf forms by the time they were of her age, because she had been the only one to inherit her dead mother’s lack of abilities, she is stuck in her human form.
    This fact is driven harder when her pack, the Sun Pack, is to go to war with the Tornado Clan – a newly formed, cold-blooded pack of werewolves whose leader has a blood-curdling history with her parents. To even have a chance at success against them, the Sun Pack must unite with the Moon Pack; long-time enemies that had only just recently started to form an acceptance of each other.
    With secrets spilling through the cracks of her already damaged life, and a sudden and passionate romance on the horizon, Mitchie is swept into a whirl-wind, vengeance filled adventure that she has no interest in. Will she be able to triumph against those who want to slay her and her pack? Or even with United Forces, will she succumb to the threat just like her mother had done all those years ago…?
                                    Found it. Thx. U should have mentioned the Love/Mariage Arrangement a Little clearer in the summary. Still i guess u will warn some Money if you so some Marketing. Gödde luck and keep US updated!
So you made it! Please do not forget to inform us how ist Works Out with Amazon. Ps: i did Not find it under the title. Is it up already?
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Lol I have a fraternal twin she looks absolutely nothing like me and she annoys the crap out of me
I think more constructive is a better term than more operative. 
                                    I heard that growing up, although my older brother (in classical music) was supported in his endeavors.
i am addicted to your stories lol i kive them your awesome keep goin i want more lol hugs
My husband has been mad at me for not stopping to even eat dinner... so good I just couldn't stop... starting the sequel today... so good!!!!