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This book is now published on Amazon, if you would like to finish reading the rest of this book. The version on Amazon is newly edited and slightly different in the way its set out, but it is the same story.

The link is on my profile page, or you can search for it in amazon by stating the words "United Forces" "S.P.K" "Kindle" under your search. If you don't have a kindle, you can download the Kindle app for free on virtually any electronics that have an app store (i.e. Macs, iPhone, Android etc.)

If the link doesn't work try going onto my profile page as there is one on there too :) 

Thank you to everyone who continues to support me on this series well after it won the Watty Awards in 2010, and for all you fans who were with me from the beginning....what can I say other than, without you I wouldn't have had the courage to be able to do this. With life being so hard at the moment for me, this really is the light at the end of the tunnel for me, so thank you for making me feel so confident in my ability to write and therefore entertain you.

14/07/2014: The book is still up on Amazon if you wish to have it on Kindle, but i have decided that I shall upload the rest of the chapters of this book on here as well, for how long, I'm not sure. But I wanted you all to have a chance to re-read it again considering the long wait you've had to endure for me to edit the second book 'Magical Doubts'. So enjoy!

29/06/2015: I have decided to take the novel down again on wattpad, and to leave just 12 parts on here after discovering a possible plagiarism with this book. But it will still be available to purchase on Amazon. I can not afford to take any more risks with my novels, and so I hope that you can respect my decision. If not, I don't care, and any hate comments will be deleted. This message will be repeated on the chapters you read here on after. 

Love xxxx :D

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