Miraculous ladybug:The Princess and Her Knight

Miraculous ladybug:The Princess and Her Knight

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Meow~~ By Mystique_loli666 Updated May 20

The first six chapters and the prolouge are in the other account @LezahrZaid,  hope you like it. 

Marinette is the only daughter of King Tom and Queen Sabine. 

  Sabine has a very good heart, so she is blessed by the gods, sent an Angel from above and gifted her a very special and very pretty little child. 

  Gods gave her child a very special power, the power of creation that can heal, grant wishes and fix everything. 

  Enemies wants her because of her power and use for themselves. So the King and Queen locked her and didn't allow her to go outside because of the danger that's coming for her. 

I take it back, Ladybug and Chat Noir does have the jewels and Tikki and Plagg exists. I want my two favorite character in this story so I'll add them (I can't live without their cuteness) 


Like I said, I OWN NOTHING but the story. 

And sister thanks for the pawsome book cover