The Varyan Princess

The Varyan Princess

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Little spark By Littlebeeb Updated Jul 05

Locked up to a crown she did not want, Princess Valencia of Varya only lusts after one thing: Adventure. But as her powers began to grow stronger, her father, King Auriville's grasp on the princess becomes tighter. 

It only took Yve of Sisne one attempt to become a Knight of the king's army making her the youngest and only woman to become a knight. Despite her accomplishments, mages turned a blind eye on her, even her own father. But that does not stop her from wanting to show her strength by fighting a monster so dangerous everyone will know of her name.

As the tower walls began to bore the princess out of her wits, Princess Valencia began to converse with the Knight on duty to guard of chambers. As Princess Valencia and Yve's friendship strengthen each night, the Knight and the Princess sought out for an adventure to conquer a monster.  Once the King discovered his missing daughter and the Knight who betrayed him, he sends his army to search for the Princess and to execute the Knight. Now Princess Valencia will have to make a choice: find the adventure she sought out for and understand the true meaning of her powers but risk the death of her only friend or live her days away in a tower never knowing what adventure lies out there and be controlled by her father?

Little did she know, this adventure will change everything she knew about herself.