Highschool Lover

Highschool Lover

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Lauren and Camila dated in Highschool, but guess what happens when miss popular camila doesn't want to come out afraid of being rejected she dumps Lauren and dates Austin leaving lauren heart broken...... What will happen when they meet at a Highschool reunion..... Will camila fall for lauren or will lauren be a bitch and ignore her?

Find Out

G!p lauren

From Goddess to Dorito for the real truth Mila you just went from 10000000 to 0 real quick
eatsoulsforbreakfast eatsoulsforbreakfast Oct 03, 2016
Kids. Smh. Five years later and they're still mentally undeveloped.
vivianinez vivianinez Aug 09, 2016
So if camz was 16 when she left lo and is now 21 that means shes been with Austin for like 7yrs.... and youre talking about your sex life openly... at this point you shoulda been fiance or husband..you thought you had her 😂😂😂😂😋
ggfictrash ggfictrash Nov 27, 2016
What the FÜCKING FÜCK. I already wanna strangle Camila and we aren't even halfway  through the first chapter.
Bish-U-Thot Bish-U-Thot Nov 10, 2016
Really nigga? Couldn't you just come up with a random name? Why it has to be Asstin Mahoe?! 😤
Fake12345person Fake12345person Aug 25, 2016
😂😂😂😂😂 everything is happening so fast I can't even process it