The Rogue and Her Alpha

The Rogue and Her Alpha

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"You can't leave!" He growled causing me to whip my head back towards him.

Mate or not, no one tells me what to do. I'm the most powerful rogue in the fucking U.S! I wasn't just gonna submit to him!. I submit to no one.

"Try fucking stopping me," I hissed hating the thought of being controlled.
Valentina was a rogue, THE ROGUE, the most powerful rogue,the rogue of the rogues. She was the rogue that all rogues looked up too, because she was the rogue that slipped through everyone's fingers.

Jace was an alpha, The Alpha, the most powerful alpha, the alpha of the alphas. He was the alpha alphas looked up to, because no one slipped past him.

So what happens when Valentina meets her mate in the possessive Jace black? He simply won't allow her to slip through his fingers like she'd done time and time again with others.

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Ravlinn Ravlinn Aug 24, 2017
I think if she wants to keep being that she should put on a good girl act till she's trusted to be let out on her own. I know it wont happen but it'd be refreshing to see a rouge x alpha story where she doesnt end up tied down xD like they'd both end up rogues
TheKeyIsSurvival TheKeyIsSurvival Aug 18, 2016
Ever seen teen wolf? My first thought was their sign for revenge!
KotaRose3025 KotaRose3025 Apr 03, 2016
I like the Color of thoughts things whatever they are...😉😇😈😁😆😅😃😂😄🌚🌝😏💋
lavacandy101 lavacandy101 Nov 30, 2016
Ohh this is definitely how I act to everybody that's why I get grounded alot
bobthesinger bobthesinger Jan 02, 2017
this would've been me: *looks her up and down* "Did I ask you to sit? Wait reverse. Did I even invite you in?"