The Jock and The Nerd

The Jock and The Nerd

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Anabella Carter is a senior in high school she's 16 your probably thinking she's to young to be a senior. well she skipped a grade. she's known as the schools nerd and she gets bullied by the football jocks because she's smart. she does her homework ,she Nevers misses or skips class, and makes straight A's.

well met Derek McDaniel he's 18 and a senior as well. Derek is known as the schools player, jock and bad boy. he never does his homework, he skips class to 'play' ,and he is barely passing mostly because the school needs him to take them to state.

So what happens when the geek and the jock get stuck together...

  • football
  • geek
  • highschool
  • jock
  • love
  • school
Wait didn't she still have a bruise from going to school, so how is this her first day?
tastertay tastertay Aug 06, 2017
Yep that's how you treat a girl... not what the fûçk is wrong with this möthérfüçkér
AmnesiaFaery AmnesiaFaery Oct 11, 2017
And then there is me reading this like... aha, grammar! Spelling! Punctuation! 
                              Don’t worry though. It’s nothing personal, it’s just one of those things that makes me antsy. 
                              Love Love Love it though...
                              As much as you can love a girl being abused I guess...
Livi1804 Livi1804 Jul 14, 2017
I have this feeling in me that wants to kill someone even though it's a book it hits close to home to me
That's when I leave for school😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😱😭
This is slightly different I'm rl, cuz the smart lids are popular, u only are ignored if ur shy or awkward