Ali So Far

Ali So Far

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Joshua W. Richardson By JoshWRich Updated Nov 16, 2015

The Great Goddess holds the answers to all, but speaks to few, and will only answer one's questions if the journey to her prison is completed.

Vincent Escalowne The Third, an assassin who had given up on life, finds himself apathetically strung along by the eccentric, yet charismatic treasure hunter Ali Alhaven, and the secretive, but focused mage Liseria, on a quest to free the Goddess from her bindings, in hopes of solving the problems that will destroy them, haunt them, or empower them.

However, this journey is not the casual pilgrimage they would hope for: Vinny's lover and old sect are out to kill him, by the command of the very goddess they are en route to see; the Central City world government labels them outlaws, and commands that they be gunned down on sight; and treasure hunters who have failed the same journey, whether dead or alive, detail unsettling patterns in the lore, patterns that reveal that their goal may be all but impossible.
Their journey, guided by a mysterious voice that finds home in Vinny's mind, interpretations of legends from Ali's years of traveling, and Lise's exceptional abilities that keep her in tune with the visible lifeblood of the world: “the ma”, lead them from one end of the globe to another as they rediscover themselves, and change the face of their enchanted planet.

*     *     *

Ali So Far is a novel I completed years ago that I'm revising and posting when I have the time to do so. Please enjoy what is here so far! It's a rather precious old memory for me, and I'd just like to have it out in the world.

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