WTF facts

WTF facts

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Welcome to this spontaneous book full of random facts you probably never knew! 

Some of these facts come directly from the WTF Facts website!

This is a co-joined book between AceAltair and MacDaddyAly; go ahead and check out their solo accounts if you wish.

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ziviarules ziviarules Mar 18, 2017
                              Me trying to solve the problem of the rubies cube fills me with... DETERMINATION!!!
TheOneTheLonley TheOneTheLonley Sep 05, 2017
Before I read this since it has 101 chapters wlyou should call it wtf101
Http-Loner Http-Loner Feb 27
It has been 7 years since I got my rubik's cube, I never solved it so I threw it away a week ago.
Sirhougetsu Sirhougetsu Jan 21
I made this!
                              Now I have to solve it.
                              Why isn't this working!
AceAltair AceAltair Jun 05, 2016
WARNING: The following facts are filled with cringe and unfunny jokes, read at your own risk.
Mysticsoulfury Mysticsoulfury Mar 05, 2016
My friend can solve one in like 8 seconds @Not_devin Im lookin at u