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Empowered (Unbound, Book 6) by SashaLeighS
Empowered (Unbound, Book 6)by Sasha Leigh
Noreena Fallyn has overcome the grief of her mother's death, embracing her abilities, discovering family, and life-threatening events. Zachariah is no longer keeping his...
The Book of Shadows of a Broom Closet Dweller *EDITING* by _UNCHAINED_
The Book of Shadows of a Broom Fraeya
Tips & Tricks to Survive the Broom Closet: Those who hide their true magickal identities from friends & family are known as dwellers in "the broom closet". Man...
Revealed (Unbound, Book 5) by SashaLeighS
Revealed (Unbound, Book 5)by Sasha Leigh
Nora is finally free from Devland's control. Having embraced her magic, stripping the Larkin family and correcting the wrongs done to Maible, Nora is ready to learn what...
Wickedly Charmed!   ~   Leo Wyatt by Scarlett_Toretto
Wickedly Charmed! ~ Leo Wyattby Ambrose’sGirl
Season 1 - 2 Melody "Mel" Philippa Halliwell. The oldest Halliwell daughter, born to Patty Halliwell and an unnamed man. Melody is the very first half Witch...
Shadowed (Unbound, Book 2) by SashaLeighS
Shadowed (Unbound, Book 2)by Sasha Leigh
Robbed of her past, Nora tries to recall who she is and where she came from, though nobody will tell her what happened to cause her to lose her memories. With the boy sh...
ᑎEᐯEᖇ EᑎᗪIᑎG ᑭOᗯEᖇ | Charmed by -bilesbilinski-
ᑎEᐯEᖇ EᑎᗪIᑎG ᑭOᗯEᖇ | Charmedby Brenna ;)
"Тнe power oғ ғoυr wιll ѕeт υѕ ғree" After only being a day old, Parker Halliwell lost a mother. Now 17 years later she finds herself in her attic receiving a...
Book of Spells  by moonlightangelxx
Book of Spells by 💖Ophelia💖
This book will be filled with real and accurate spells that I've found, been given, or wrote myself. I only share spells that actually work, so no need to worry that any...
The Green Witch Diaries by quinnkdyer
The Green Witch Diariesby Quinn K. Dyer
A collection of information on various magical & medicinal herbs based on my personal Book of Shadows. Each entry includes original artwork, folklore, a small growing g...
Witch's Grimore  by Rhea_Caren
Witch's Grimore by Eve </3
It's an online grimoire with things I've learnt over the years
Book of Magic by _Katira_
Book of Magicby C.N. Wolf
Welcome to the book of magic! There's magic in everything, one just needs to reach out and use it. This book is a simple guide on witchcraft and modern day magic, desig...
CHARMED -  The Book of Shadows - Season One by IAMMukhtar
CHARMED - The Book of Shadows - Mukhtar
The enchanting TV series "Charmed" debuted in 1998 and was an immediate hit! Now, rediscover the magic with this definitive guide to Season One. Bursting at t...
How Soon Is Now by kellyann0007
How Soon Is Nowby kellyann0007
AU Charmed. Fem!Chris Halliwell, Melinda (Linna) Halliwell knew when going to the past was going to be hard and difficult. But, she didn't expect her difficulties to com...
Grimorie/ Book of shadows by loveheart1294
Grimorie/ Book of shadowsby loveheart1294
my overall info on witch craft, information on many different things for quick access or on the go. This is notes and info from different sources compiled for convince...
TRIBID AND SIPHONERS - The Charmed Ones ( Slow Updates) by Bluephoenix52
TRIBID AND SIPHONERS - The Bluephoenix52
Hope Andrea Mikaelson is a first born Mikaelson Witch with triggered Werewolf gene and dormant vampire side. Elizabeth Jenna Saltzman and Josette Oliv...
A Guide To Creating Your Book Of Shadows  by cosmoswitchyvibes
A Guide To Creating Your Book Of cosmoswitchyvibes
Welcome witches ✨ This is a guide to creating your own book of shadows. It's only has a few chapters but it's basically a rundown on how to create your book of shadows...
Book of Spells by soybeannns
Book of Spellsby Zamora Decésare
NOTE: I AM NO LONGER CONTINUING TO WRITE THIS BOOK. This is because I feel uncomfortable taking spells that other people created without being absolutely certain that I...
Silvercrow's Book of Shadows  by FacingNature
Silvercrow's Book of Shadows by Marie
Silvercrow's Book of Shadows is my personal grimoire that I am copying onto Wattpad. I am more than willing to take requests of topics for my chapters :) Let me know if...
200 Things Every Witch Should Know by -mermaidia
200 Things Every Witch Should Knowby stella ビマち
A collection of nifty things every aspiring witch should know!
Midnight Magic by BlueRose280
Midnight Magicby BlueRose280
The Charmed Ones take on a vampire king and queen, circa Season Six. Disclaimer: Charmed and all of its characters and content are the intellectual property of creator C...
Tarot Cards 101 by IAmAPansexual
Tarot Cards 101by PansexualBitch
Descriptions of the major arcana, minor arcana and general tarot card tips to help you along the way NOTE: These are not my interpretations of the meanings I have collec...