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Mikayla  :) By Mikayla01 Completed

With the fire burning so bright, with the heat that overcame her body, Melinda has never been the same since that one tragic day. Although she was left with scars, the one thing that broke Melinda to the very core was the loss of her baby brother. She blames herself for what happened, and no one can convince her differently. It's her senior year now, and people are beginning to find out the truth about that night. With three new people in town, can one of them possibly make her talk about it, help her overcome her fears?

CuzImAwesome CuzImAwesome Feb 14, 2013
It's a cool start. You introduced the characters well and it just flowed well. Coolio job so far. :)
Chuckychick19 Chuckychick19 Jan 07, 2013
It's a unique story, and I don't think I've read one like this before, especially Wattpad. But this is really well detailed and an excellent start. I do like Melinda, she's a bit like me! Hehe, Voted! :)
Strawberry_Casey Strawberry_Casey Jan 07, 2013
Hmph, since I'm an honest person I'm going to be blunt, I though I wasn't goin to like this all I cou think was "What have I gotten myself into" but then I read this chapter and was lie "d*mn" so heap I like this story ad plan on readin mor of it... Voted!!!
ForeverFrankie ForeverFrankie Jan 06, 2013
I like this so far, it's really quite different from a lot of stories that I've read elsewhere, and I hope you continue with the idea. I found a few grammar mistakes and wrong word choices, but I'm sure if you went through and read it, it'll be easily fixed. Great job on this hun!
_cryptic _cryptic Jan 06, 2013
i think think this is nice and basic just your average , night and shining armour there to save.. the princess in distress, from her terriible state of mind.
Londonandeye Londonandeye Jan 05, 2013
I LOVE that kaya scodelario is on the cover! A few grammatical errors when it comes to punctuation but a good start!