When I have time to write, I do. Don't expect frequent uploads in my story "Joy Ride" just know It will be completed like all my other stories. 

In order from completion:
1. Crying in the rain
2. Some like it hot, Some like it sweet
3. Masquerade
4. Pyrophobia
5. Joy ride - Uncompleted

None of my stories are alike, they are all different genres and settings. You will see appearances from main characters from my other books in another one.

I have created my own place: Most of my books take place in the same small town.

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Crying in the rain

Social data: 69.1K reads. 1.5K votes. 441 comments.

Description: I lost everything in a matter of moments. The memories of the crash are all that kept me going; I had to for everyone that lost their life that day. The guilt that I had to live with was terrible. Why couldn’t...

21 Parts - Completed

Other Works by Mikayla01.
Joy Ride - On hold.

Joy Ride - On hold.

1.4K 111 99

Arianna wants to be free, it’s all she ever wanted; and when life throws her an unexpected twist, she fi...



13.7K 449 143

With the fire burning so bright, with the heat that overcame her body, Melinda has never been the same s...

Masquerade {Editing}

Masquerade {Editing}

19.9K 383 203

In a time where the princess couldn’t pick her betrothed; Jane finds herself running away from the respo...

Some like it Hot, Some like it Sweet [Not Edited]

Some like it Hot, Some like it Sweet [Not Edited]

36.6K 682 386

Emily is offered to be the manager at ‘Adams Coffee Shop’; the coffee shop with the worlds’ famous coffe...


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Story Reading List