Welcome To Loserville, Population: Me

Welcome To Loserville, Population: Me

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Starts with an 'A' By sprittals98 Updated Oct 22, 2012

Samantha Martin, aka Sam, is a loser. Why? Let's look at the list:

1. The Queen Bee, Gwen, hates her for some strange reason.
2. She has no real friends.
3. And she has a huge crush on a guy who doesn't even know she exists.

Yeah, her life is tragic. But when the new girl, Kendra, convinces her to show off her talent for singing in the new talent show, everything changes. Suddenly she has a few friends and the guy she likes notices her. But there is still that little problem number one.

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ZarniaLee ZarniaLee Apr 29, 2017
Either title would have done. But i like the way its written.
theMostGlaikitOfAll theMostGlaikitOfAll Jul 22, 2016
I love to sing my heart oit, and im acually really good if i do say so myself. But a weird thing for me is that im a girl and im better at singing lower than higher
kamreid kamreid Feb 17, 2016
That's the friend that you call fake 
                              Just know that I would be your friend truly and I wouldn't be fake
LivingLikeABookworm LivingLikeABookworm Jun 06, 2016
Who's in the pic at the beginning...like I know it's Sam but what's her real name?
kamreid kamreid Feb 17, 2016
Sounds like my 5 year old brother and he even wakes up at 5am when there is no skool then wakes everyone in the house
Cha-ching Cha-ching Jan 18, 2015
"I dispica you, Zoey."- I dare u to guess where this is from.