🗡 Dance of The Spirit Blade 🗡 ( tomioka giyuu x reader )

🗡 Dance of The Spirit Blade 🗡 ( tomioka giyuu x reader )

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MirandaPanda101 By MirandaPanda101 Updated Jun 13, 2020

I panted softly holding my sword, the nichirin blade, a solid silver blade, reflecting my exhausted figure and the demon before me.

Kibutsuji Muzan. 

my master lays dead behind him, I was already worn out and exhausted from fighting. I had to protect someone. Glancing behind me I give the small child a reasurring smile. No matter what I wont let any demons touch my masters son. 

with a final war cry I used my 3rd style, Draining blade of spirits. I grunt at the sheer force of my own energy being drained into my blade making this my last and most powerful attack. 

Swiftly in a blink of blind eye I was off the ground, my sword thrusted towards the neck of the demon, pure anger and disain in my eyes.

"Y/N! leave with my son! you must protect him!"

the voice of my master echoed in my mind, all my memories of him and I, on repeat. The gentle sorrow filled tears dripping onto my blade, the sword intent raged within me. 

"Demon or human. I'll protect your son even if it costs my own life." 

I couldnt see it coming. My attack was in vain. and I? ironically a demon slayer yet...a demon?


hello! im reading the manga of KmY right now. Ill be posting in correlation to both the anime and manga. chapter to chapter! 

ex. Manga chapter 1- giyuu x reader chapter 1

yes I will incorporate lemons. and we will be joining into the fights. we may not do the finishing blow on the main fights but ill make sure we have some cool moments with our powers.

in college too so it will take awhile for some updates but ill try to keep up!!

Thank you for @TheRainCries for giving me this brillant idea! You guys should check her out too!