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Abdullah By Dulsrasheed Updated Sep 12

It's the 27th century, cities have taken to the sky in attempt to let the earth heal as it once was. Energy is no longer fueled by coal, oil and electricity, but rather the raw sunlight. Humans who fall into a deep love now have the option to make that love permanent...forever. 

Have you ever met that one person that gives you instant butterflies just thinking of them, a warm feeling all over, that person that makes you feel like a kid again? That's someone you never want to let go, and that's why permafusion is the right choice for you. 

With the breaking edge technology of Ascensionpunk corps we can provide you a love that we guarantee will last forever. Just step right into this fusion flask with a cooperating spouse and you'll be brought together forever into a single body that will compliment the best of both your features, but that's not all. The love you guys share will be amplified, so that you're always in tip top shape, and happy. 

There's nothing that couple possibly go wrong!