Dancing With Fire

Dancing With Fire

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emrys By themrys Updated Sep 05, 2012


Serenity Amour had always believed that fairies exsisted, while her parents had a different opinion. They both thought it was utter nonsense but didn't tell her that. 

Everyday after playing in their lucious garden filled with flowers of all sorts, Serenity would come back with new stories about her fairy friends. Her parents just claimed that she was making it all up, but little did they know that Serenity's companions were real. 

But that wasn't the only thing they were unaware of. Since the day she was born, Serenity was a fairy. A fairy, with big things to come.

Hudson Dramore, soon-to-be Alpha never thought he would meet his mate, but when he does meet her, let's just say things don't go as planned. His mind is sent into a world of confusion when he can't figure out if she's human, a werewolf, or neither. She's a little spitfire who seems just fine on her own, but what happens when Hudson isn't there to protect her and an old prophecy begins to come true?

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themrys themrys Aug 28, 2012
@reinvent_love haha (; the werewolves know that they exist but they've only heard of the ones who are always like three inches tall.
cancergf cancergf Aug 28, 2012
Ahh this is soo good! I really like the werewolf but you threw in, hudson is cool but he's annoying me, like, haven't you heard of fairies?
Leftie Leftie Aug 28, 2012
This is really good, I like Serenity's character also, she just seems so cute and innocent. Anyway, this is good, and I hope you plan on writing a chapter 2 soon!
GJ_Connolly GJ_Connolly Aug 23, 2012
I like it! It was a good choice to use a young character, I think that adds a lot to the story. And this is a great first chapter, it will really pull people in. Nice job!