The Assassin's Mate  #Wattys2016 (COMPLETED)

The Assassin's Mate #Wattys2016 (COMPLETED)

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Nanya By _Nanya007 Completed

Darshana Cameron is 19 years old. 

She was taken at the age 7, by a group of rogues. they took her captive and tortured her for 6 years. She found the courage to escape and bumped into a man called Derek, who took her in as his family and trained her for three years. 

She joins an agency at the age of 16 and has been working as an assassin for 3years. what happens when her agency sends her out to the field to capture a certain drug gang whom she thought were human but are werewolves. 

What happens when she meets her mate on that same day? Will she learn to love him and give in to him or will she return to her old ways as an assassin?

Imsassyandproudofit Imsassyandproudofit Aug 09, 2016
Please help me kill all the fake barbies and b**ches at my school
Derise0617 Derise0617 Mar 08, 2016
Everyone is basically like: "Ok just back away prom the psychopath" and I'm basically like: "Well she must have had some childhood"
YouSavage YouSavage Apr 18, 2016
Just a girl.... BETCH  I WILL F U UP. K I'm done. I really like the story so far though 👍🏽
kaileyxoxoxo kaileyxoxoxo 7 days ago
Just because she's "just a girl" doesn't mean she can't handle herself just like a man can.
_Nanya007 _Nanya007 Nov 05, 2015
She was also trained by Derek for 3 years. Don't forget. So her training was 6 years in total. @Mo_Linguish
Mo_Linguish Mo_Linguish Nov 05, 2015
I like it but I feel like she's way too good at what she does. It's just unrealistic that she's trained for only three years and is the best they have.