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Fairy Tail: Shadows (3rd Book In the "Intertwined Fates" Series!)

Fairy Tail: Shadows (3rd Book In the "Intertwined Fates" Series!)

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jungkook's wife By Cryptic_Eyes Completed

Book #3

Lucy sacrificed herself to save Fiore; to stop the machine Loren and Lores constructed to destroy everything.  But in order for it to have been destroyed, Lucy forced Natsu to let go of her over the cliff, falling to her death.  But...wait.  When Loren approaches a devastated Natsu she says that the one responsible for their mind control was a man long forgotten, who's true purpose was to get his one and only true prize:
And, Loren tells Natsu and the others they can rescue her, but they have to go to the place where shadows lie; the Black Stars.  {Used from my previous story, Fairy Tail: The Luminous Star of Caballeen!}  There, Lucy is trapped, being held as a trophy by the man and frozen in time.  If Loren and Lores open the portal, they can go inside and save her.
However, there is a catch; only one person can go inside.  And, as soon as they enter the Black Stars, they would be overrun with Shadow monsters; hundreds of them all over the place.  The man who has Lucy has control of the Black Stars, and would send the pursuer into different realms to battle different monsters.  But Natsu doesn't care.  He'd do anything to get Lucy back, and to save her from being trapped all alone forever.  Automatically claiming he'd go and not let anyone else take his place, Natsu dives in to the land of the shadows; the Black Stars.
Will Natsu save Lucy and bring her home, back to him and the others?
Find out what happens in all the chaos in Fairy Tail: Shadows.  (A NaLu Fanfiction)


First, Second, and Last In the Series:

1)Fairy Tail: With Me
2)Fairy Tail: End of My Days With You
3) This one
4) Fairy Tail: The Legend of Etheoria (completed!)

MissPrecious12 MissPrecious12 Dec 09, 2016
there not werewolves #AnimeGalaxy123
                              (   )   (   )
                              even though that would make an amazing season 8 if they all turned into werewolves and natsu and lucy were mates
steins-gays steins-gays Mar 06, 2016
Hey no fair my feels still haven't recovered from the last book
RashiRoy2015 RashiRoy2015 Jul 14, 2016
Guys the disappearance thing probs teleported her back to magnolia
AnimeGalaxy123 AnimeGalaxy123 Aug 11, 2016
This dot is here, in..memory of..*sniff*..LUCY!!! WAHHHHH!!!!!!
SpecialKindOfLove SpecialKindOfLove Jun 27, 2016
I am never able to cry reading a fan fiction and I really want to I need to let go of my broken heart from this series
AnimeGalaxy123 AnimeGalaxy123 Aug 11, 2016
I want to say, look who's talking, but...i cant. Im gonna go into depression...