Sin of the Assassin - Book 1 of the Assassin Codes

Sin of the Assassin - Book 1 of the Assassin Codes

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She was the best. No one could match her skill. She killed for what was right, not for evil. Others saw her as ruthless, psychotic, and terrifying. 

Only some truly knew her. Her identity had changed many times over the years. She's only 18, yet she could pass as 21. She's feared around the world.

She's constantly hired to deal with rouge werewolves, vampires, and on rare events giants. It's almost as if she has no emotions, no feelings.

Then one day, while undercover in a werewolf pack things take a turn. She's able to get away with being a wolf only because she is one. No one knows the reality of her being an assassin.

In the turn of events, let's just say her mate is pretty important.

Her true name is Serenity.

**This is a book turned short story. If you think the endings bad, it's your problem, but I am making a second part to it. The story's going to be continued in the next one. Thank you!**

***The kind of book you can read in a day***

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JasperOfManyFaces JasperOfManyFaces Dec 22, 2016 me XD instead of assassin it's school and home, At School It's The Oh You're Going Far Kid and at home it's the trouble maker good for nothing Kid XD omg
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Tree hopping is fun...until a branch breaks under your weight and you fall and break/sprain something...good times lol
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Nope . I went to Colorado once by car , passed this town called skelly town
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I would leave a mark too, like her Infinity sign. I think that's smart