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You Found Me (Destiel/Sabriel Highschool Love Story AU)

You Found Me (Destiel/Sabriel Highschool Love Story AU)

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wHOA ✨✨ By ComeAlongHolmes_ Completed

Castiel Novak. The new student. Gabriel Novak. The new student. 
Dean Winchester. Sam Winchester. Brothers. Who eventually meet and learn to care for these two mysterious new kids. 
I'm really bad at this okay? Just read the story please! I hope ya'll enjoy!

When you have school tmro but yo still insist on reading fanfic
i look like a crackhead pedophile anytime i wear a trench coat while castiel looks like the most precious and beautiful thing on planet earth
Same tho on everything I write Lmao. But really I'm enjoying this a lot
Excuse you Uriel but if you don't want to die I suggest you take a step back cause I'll cut a bïtch if you hurt our Cassie (and by our I mean the fandoms)
"Good morning sammy"
                              "Its Sam,and get this.
                              That catch me outside 
                              Girl got caught outside."
                              "...........Now what did you say sammykins.?"
                              "You had your earbuds in?!"
                              "Yeah, so what?"
"I'll bet Dean can make his Bitch talk."
                              Then he is sold to Gabe