The Ageless One:  Beginnings

The Ageless One: Beginnings

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Jason Richard By agelessauthor Completed

Doelan is a Gisler, which means that when he turns fifteen he will stop ageing, achieving eternal youth.  Not that there's anything wrong with this, but Doelan doesn't understand this, and even thinks it's strange.  Such thinking, unfortunately, makes other Gislers think he is the strange one.  Made fun of by the other children his age, Doelan is a misfit, and he only has one friend.  Doelan is fine with this, until he starts seeing goblins around the village that no one else can see.   At first he believes he's imagining things, but the more he sees, the more he's convinced that there really are goblins lurking about.  The problem is, misfit that he had always been, who will believe him?

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