Her. (girlxgirl)

Her. (girlxgirl)

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(BOOK ONE of the FRAGILE HEARTS series) // (Short Story)

"Tell me your three fears," she whispered, softly. 
	Her voice was delicate like a caress almost making me close my eyes and wish for her to talk infinitely because I knew I could never grow tired of her voice. As we looked up at the night sky, the sounds of waves crashing and drunken laughter surrounded us, I couldn't help but feel like I finally belonged somewhere. I belonged laying just next to her listening to her beautiful laughter and her voice that spoke of many stories either involving the shenanigans we've done in the past or her college friends had done.
	I mulled over what my three fears could be yet couldn't help but feel the fear skimming along my spine as one fear stood out the most. One fear that may bring this friendship into a rocky edge. Just that thought made me close up; guarding myself from the world. 
	"I'm afraid of spiders, heights, and..." Losing you, I thought to myself as I turned to look at her to meet those brown eyes that had brought me to my knees millions of times already staring back at me.
	She smiled widely and I couldn't help it but smile back.
	I don't know what I'll do if I lost you...

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I honestly think this is the best into to any girlXgirl I have ever read
Rejection, never accomplishing anything, and never finding love
fitymi fitymi Sep 10
Spiders, public speaking, and my parents finding out I like girls
Falling out of love, having the one I love lose interest in me, what happens when you die.
Yeah but it's pussy tho so I don't mind 😉😏🐱👅🐱💦👅🐱💦👅🐱💦👅🐱💦
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