Black Heart<gxg>(GirlxGirl lesbian)

Black Heart<gxg>(GirlxGirl lesbian)

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Thea Mary By SanEmLexRiss14 Completed

I'm Lesbian. And I used to be simple, kind-hearted, friendly, and a very joyful girl. But then why would I write a story about that? That's just boring.

I had a reason I write this.

She broke my heart, her name is Charlotte. She hardly broke my heart and that's the reason I change.

And now I am,

So not simple, Cold-hearted bitch, I don't even laugh, but I know how to smile sometimes. Few times. And I don't have any friends. No one. Not even one.

 That's the reason I change. That's who I am until.....

I met her.

A girl who doesn't know how to give up.

A girl who's full of happiness. 

A girl who's friend is everybody.

A girl that can light up a god damn world.


And a girl who made me fall in love again.

And she made me fall in love with her harder than anybody does.

So what's our story?? Wanna know? Then read and find out...


ALERT. For people who's reading this, the chapters are really short so don't protest or anything!...

I laughed because most of the time you don’t ask someone to be friends with you😭
_AngelWrites _AngelWrites Jul 19, 2017
i remember when i was in elementary school and it would be the first day of school i'd ask someone, "hey do you want to be friends." 😂😭
Feliciaxxxx Feliciaxxxx Mar 22, 2016
Who dafuq even asks that in real life!?? Im reallyyy nice bish and people are comfortable with me
NomqheleHlongwan NomqheleHlongwan Oct 01, 2016
Please check out my new storie "Something missing  " it's about some twins separated at birth by their father for a someone else's baby boy
chyeribomb chyeribomb Feb 28, 2017
Can we just like, appreciate the beauty right in front of us?
zoophobia zoophobia Jun 09, 2016
No disrespect or anything, but you have to correct the grammer in this. "Couz" is not a real word. Again, trying to be as respectful as possible.