Bloodlust [GirlxGirl]

Bloodlust [GirlxGirl]

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DunkelEngel By DunkelEngel Completed

Book 1 of "Bloodlust" series.

I loved everything about her, I really did. I couldn't deny it, ever since I first saw her, my heart was hers. 
It was sad to think that, even though I thought I was lost beyond hope, she still showed me I could love again. And it pained me to know that she would never truly be mine, that I would have to let her go, in the worst way possible.

They say love can heal all wounds, that no matter how lost someone is, that love can always bring them back. I used to believe that, but that, that was a long time ago. Now I knew, I knew that nothing could save me. Not even her

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loveroyalsmile loveroyalsmile May 31, 2017
That feeling you get when your friend and their parent start arguing "ummmm... I'll let myself out..😐"
Limitless_laziness Limitless_laziness Oct 22, 2016
Its a BEAUTIFUL story...the start,the scenery,the snow...could really imagine it all around me.A great story with few dull ends but worth reading it!
BadVampBloodAddicted BadVampBloodAddicted Oct 23, 2016
@DunkelEngel Ohh muito Obrigada flor, dont worry!! Já estou terminando e assim que finalizar eu te mando. <3
lovelynum23 lovelynum23 Nov 17, 2015
Hey great book I like it :) do u speak finnish?  Because there is some word in finnish?
ElenaWolf7 ElenaWolf7 Dec 13, 2014
Okay this story sounds really kind of cool. Definitely gonna keep reading and I might drop a comment here and there :D
thewanderess thewanderess Oct 25, 2014
You're actually amazing with detail. I could picture everything very vividly :) Gonna read more haha