The Trouble with Friendship

The Trouble with Friendship

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Lindsey Summers By DoNotMicrowave Updated Mar 14

When the notebook containing their deepest, darkest secrets is stolen, two former best friends must unite, despite crushing on the same heart-stopping boy. 


Best friends, Alex Canterbury and Alexx Lorde have been inseparable for years, but when school, family pressure, and even other friends begin to get in the way, the two girls decide to update each other in a notebook. As tough as it is sometimes, they are candid and real about EVERYTHING, until a mysterious boy with a dimpled smile gets in the way. When their notebook is suddenly stolen by someone who threatens to upload all their secrets to social media, the girls must unite despite their massive rivalry. Will they stop the perpetrator in time to save their reputations and their friendship?

[From the author of The Cell Phone Swap aka Textrovert.]