HoO Oneshots {Shipppssss}

HoO Oneshots {Shipppssss}

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SuperwholockPJO By SuperwholockPJO Updated Oct 09, 2015

So these are gonna be some one shots! 

Just putting it out there they are all my fav boyxboy ships. 

Oh and if there is no specific POV then its third person. 

And I might get smutty for some but I will be putting a warning

Also I won't put my usual #CLIFFHANGER in cause I kinda can't in a oneshot. 



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derpyderp53 derpyderp53 May 22
"I'm coming back for you Calypso. I swear on the River Styx"
Andie-Marie Andie-Marie May 16
Nico:Oh, at this point I said fück it and jumped. Oh btw, I've survived Tartarus before so be fuking thankful.
derpyderp53 derpyderp53 Jul 16
The ending was so sad I cried for weeks. Months. Years. Decades. Centuries. Millennia.
STYX THERE IS NO TABLE FOR ME TO FLIP! *Unflips one and reflips it*
OcelotDraws OcelotDraws Apr 22
I dont get percico because aren't they cousins?Like Percy is sea dude's son but isn't Nico Hades's son? IM CONFUSED!
*jurasstic park theme song playing in background* *fangirl scream*