love is the last option

love is the last option

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daydreamero9 By daydreamero9 Updated Sep 29

"Move", he said rudely.

That word hit like a melody to my ears and I was far away in a dreamland. but soon the realisation struck me that I was blocking his way in our chemistry lab.

Though it was rude of him to talk in such a manner. I was happy instead, 'The Rishabh Malhotra' talked to me for the very first time.

Love had definitely deprived my self respect. 


Meet Nia Subhash, a girl who takes life as it comes.Her life was perfect until her father decided to play a villain and send her to Mumbai. This city was never her favourite. 

Mumbai is going to be an adventure. Will she ever get her prince charming Rishabh or life will give her the biggest surprise she could ever imagine!!!!

Hope you guys enjoy this first ever story written by me.Even if you don't , thank you for stopping by.;):)

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Made3ha Made3ha Jul 31
Shraddha kapoor is one of prettiest girl I've ever seen and believe me I've seen many, my school is just for girls!
Every mom says that! 
                              But on a lighter note, Every girl is beautiful! 👸
@madeehaFS the* insecurity I meant. 
                              But as a reader you are free to imagine them as you want. :)
- - Feb 09
Yah, Shraddha Kapoor okay looking, lol, she is like one of the prettiest people ever!!!
Hope to write a story on my own soon. U shall be a big tym inspiration for me... I just need some followers to get all started, u know? :)
Your writing skills are great! BTW, I am just like your main character, except I don't have long hair. :(