ephemeral | unOrdinary x reader

ephemeral | unOrdinary x reader

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In this hierarchical society, power determines everything. Those with great strength towered above all while the weak bow down.

Meet Y/N.
She had been blessed by something others would give their mind and soul just to obtain.


That one word can be someone's greatest hero, but in Y/N's case, her greatest enemy. 

Join Y/N in her unordinary adventure through hidden secrets, lies, and maybe a bit of her being a weirdo.


Started: 5/30/19
Ended: (Ongoing)

[UPDATES RANDOMLY] (cause sis don't know what is going on in her life)


[UNEDITED] seriously though, expect typos.


I do not own anything except for my own ideas and charcters. All credit goes to Uru-chan, creator of UnOrdinary.