Second Chance Mate

Second Chance Mate

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Kitten Marie By KittenLovesEmos Updated Mar 01, 2017

Second Chance Mate

"I, Spencer Austin Smith, alpha of the Silver Bear Tribe, reject you, Austin Justine Stephens, as my mate and Luna of this pack. I relieve you of all your duties as 'Luna'."

Tears streamed down my face as I stated down at the floor. I didn't have to see his face to know what I would see in his eyes, I could feel the disgust rolling off him in waves.

I slowly turned towards the door, opening the door and strong out. I glanced back only to cry harder.

"I, Austin Justine Stephens, accept your, Spencer Austin Smith's, rejection as your mate and Luna of your pack."

Just before I ran down the hallway of disgusted glares, I saw a hint of surprise and regret in his eyes.


Austin Justine Stephens is the son of the Silver Bear Tribe's Beta, Alvin Stephens. His father's title should have every pack member respecting him, but there's just one tiny problem: Austin is the Omega. Interesting how he's an Omega but his father is a Beta.

Because of his status in the pack, and some very unfortunate events, Austin is mistreated greatly. His mother died from child birth, resulting in everyone blaming the child she gave birth to. Which, what a coincidence, was Austin.

Shunned by everyone, he anxiously awaits his eighteenth birthday so his mate can take the pain away. He only breathes for the day he finds his mate, maybe then he will protect him, but fate can be cruel.

His mate, Spencer Austin Smith, immediately rejects him, humiliating him in front of the entire school. As these books go, he leaves the pack, but takes his brother (Jared Alexander Stephens, who is nine) with him. He leaves only a single note for his father, explaining why they had to go.

Maybe fate isn't so cruel, maybe there is something greater in store for our little Austin.

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heartcrusher07 heartcrusher07 Mar 15, 2017
It has been so long since I have clicked on a rejection story
Fujoshiiiiiii Fujoshiiiiiii Mar 14, 2017
A little brother? I thought his mom died giving birth to him and usually they only have 1 mate so it couldn't be another woman's son. But if he was, why would u take ur step brother while running away? So many questions. Cant wait to figure the answer out
The_Angel_Of_Angels The_Angel_Of_Angels Mar 02, 2017
I usually don't read rejection story's but you sounds good so I'll give it a shot... no pressure 😂
WinchestersYEDemon WinchestersYEDemon Jan 19, 2016
OfAnUndergroundAngel OfAnUndergroundAngel Dec 18, 2015
WOOOO! *fist pumps ferociously* *runs around in circles* Let's do this!
memyselfando memyselfando Aug 14, 2014
That doesn't make sense didn't his mom die when he was born..? So how could he have a little brother?