A Man in the Castle

A Man in the Castle

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C.M. Minerva By DontMakeMeAMurderer Updated May 28

"Would you like me to dress you?"

"No," he said all too quickly, picking up a deep red undershirt. "I'm not terribly useless on my own."
A young man lived in a castle that overlooked the village. He was rarely seen during the day time due to being sensitive to sunlight and was only seen at night when he's getting a "snack." 

Women, and some animals, had been vanishing from the town below. The only logical thinking was that Dracula was the one who's taking and killing them. Who wouldn't? He's a freaking vampire! So, obviously, they were all petrified of him even after he explained what he does, does not do, and what he consumes to stay alive.

Was he really the monster they were making him out to be or was Drac misunderstood of what he was? Who's taking the women? Why are they disappearing?

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