The Horrors of Montwood Mansion

The Horrors of Montwood Mansion

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nee :) By justneeharika Updated Aug 16, 2019

//"Cloning and gene mutation is more common than you may think."// 

The Blackwood family has a lot of secrets. Some of which being too dark to be talked about out loud. Whether it's the fact that Olivia, the oldest, is dating her Art teacher or the fact that Mr. and Mrs. Blackwood's relationship isn't as sophisticated and happy as it seems to be, the Blackwood family is pretty skilful at hiding their deepest, darkest secrets. 

As soon as the Blackwoods move into the Montwood Mansion, they knew they had hit the jackpot. The mansion was breathtakingly beautiful with its ancient carved doors and huge, airy rooms and a spacious garden. All was well until Lucy, the youngest found a hidden basement in the house full of mysterious items.

As time passes by, Julian and Olivia realise that something sinister is happening to their sister and strange events start taking place. They soon realise that what's happening to their sister has something to do with their fucked up yet extraordinary family history, where everyone had even bizarre secrets that were too disturbing to be believed. 

A tale of horror with a pint of science.

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