Immovable Wynter

Immovable Wynter

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Katerina Petrova.
Or Katherine Pierce.
She is a "better you die than I," type of person. 

But after about four hundred years on the run and after the situation in Mystic Falls with the Salvatore Brothers, Katerina stumbles across an empty village. The buildings all burned to ashes.

The vampire is about to move on, until a faint crying catches her attention.

She finds a woman burnt to a crisp, but underneath the blackened corpse... a little baby girl screaming for help. The baby's mother had given her life to protect the blue eyed child.

The known heartless Petrova hesitated, thinking back to when she was shunned for her own baby after she was taken from her arms.

Katerina could leave the little girl to die a slow death...


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