My Cynical Marquess ~ Lords of Reluctance Book 1

My Cynical Marquess ~ Lords of Reluctance Book 1

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Nicholas, the Marquess of Rutherford certainly thinks all ladies are cut from the same piece of expensive silk. They are underhanded, manipulative and altogether cunning. So when he learns his mother has employed a companion, and the audacious little chit invites him to a house party at his own country estate, he can think of only one thing to do. Leave London as expediently as possible to oust the little interloper from his house before she can relieve the Dowager Marchioness of her fortune. 

For Miss Grace Preston, working for the Dowager Marchioness of Rutherford does not actually feel like work. She has a roof over her head, a full stomach, and as much time as she desires to work on her secret pleasure. Writing her novels. She would do anything for Lady Rutherford. Even if that means organizing a house party for the sole reason of luring her employers wayward son home from London for more than just an obligatory visit. And if he decides to grant his mother's fondest wish and select a bride from the young ladies in attendance, then so much the better. However, it will never be Grace.  

But when Grace's life is threatened, the cynical Marquess just may discover the outspoken miss is just what he needs. But will it be too late?

  • desperation
  • houseparty
  • ladies
  • lords
  • regency