In The Devil's Stables (Spirited #1)

In The Devil's Stables (Spirited #1)

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What's a lady to do...

Lady Charlotte has never been the typical English lady. Nor does she intend to be when her uncle makes a bid to inherit everything - the land, the money. All that had been her father's a decade before. So when her uncle forces the issue, Charlotte knows her time is up. She is making her move. As the poor gentleman, Charlie. 

In two weeks' time, she plans to take control of her future while stripping her uncle of his.

When she meets her match...

Lord Greyson, the Earl of Claymore, can't seem to forget the mysterious lady he saved from being compromised, only for her to punch him in the face and descend a balcony to be rid of him.  He doesn't expect to meet her again so soon, and not like this. As a lad who looks distinctly familiar, with a sharp tongue and a spirit that demands independence.

What else is Greyson to do but watch over his little caterpillar, offering her safety and employment in his stables? It's the perfect solution. Or so he thinks. 

And finds herself falling in love...

What neither one of them expects is the sexual tension that ignites between them. What's a girl to do when she finds herself falling for her employer. And that he seems to feel the same...for his stable hand.  But that's the least of their problems as a common enemy threatens to tear them apart, one that has no intention of letting either one of them off the hook.

It's winner take all - breeches edition. And Charlie plays to win.

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Book 1 in the Spirited Brides series
*Cover made by @Aphrodite270*

If the story takes place in England why is color spelled the American way? Is the author American but the story just takes place in England? Probably...
PlatinumUtopia PlatinumUtopia Dec 26, 2016
Omg, Suffolk is hands down one of the most beautiful places in England❤️
Hes probably the guy from the hallway and he recognized her perfume or something
I enjoyed the feels. I was captured quite quickly by her personality and her enjoyment of tasting new words. Her antisipation in wait if her parents hooked me farther, and the chessboard and pieces highly enticed me to read the next chapter.
What the fûck is dastardly? Bastard and dick combined? I need to google t
Evil_Alice Evil_Alice Feb 01
Liked the intro and this second chapter as wel. Intrigued to find out what's coming next.