Beautiful Twins (Jacob Black Love Story)

Beautiful Twins (Jacob Black Love Story)

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Rebecca Swan comes back to live with her father, Charlie, and her twin sister, Bella. She just came out of a rough patch in her life. It happened around the same time Bella was Depressed over Edward. Jacob Black, who is still in love with Bella imprints on her sister Becca. He fights his feelings for Becca to still try to get Bella to choose him over Edward. 

Becca is pulled in a world of surprises, secrets, and drama she never expected. She falls for Jacob Black, the man who loves her sister, while still getting over her Ex-boyfriend, Jamie. What is her secret that hurts so much to think of? Her past comes back up bringing way more luggage than she bargained for. 

Follow Becca in her adventures of the world we know as The Twilight Series.

R0B0T21 R0B0T21 Nov 20, 2016
I'm a grammar queen and it should be an hour from Forks, just so u know.  But I REALLY like your ideas so far!
slytherin_princes127 slytherin_princes127 Sep 12, 2016
Hahaha you know whats funny me and my friend were just talking how all the cite guys are gay
-deansbaby -deansbaby Jul 20, 2016
Oh, oh my child. Oh my child. He needs a cookie, here take a cookie. 
                              *Gives Matt a cookie*
                              Oh, see. A cookie. All better? Good, now be happy!
DearestDunbar DearestDunbar Jan 19, 2016
OMG I mad the cover this book a long time ago when I first discovered wattpad. But I had a different account back then. But this book is still as amazing as I remember it being
Mysterious-Mystery Mysterious-Mystery Dec 10, 2015
But boy gay couples are the cutest!!
                              I know I'm weird but I love them
Glitterful_Emo Glitterful_Emo Dec 31, 2014