I Fell In Love With A Cullen

I Fell In Love With A Cullen

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• {   Four years ago Britt Roberts moved to Forks Washington with her adopted father to escape her nasty sister Bella. Two years later, the Cullen's moved to town. Britt would say hello to them in the halls whenever they passed by but that was all the interaction she had with them. Four years after she moves to Washington her sister moves back. The two sisters may push each other away but they sure do pull the Cullen's in   } •

    A Twilight Fanfic
   All credit goes to Stephanie Meyers
   I only own my characters and plot

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kyra_moo kyra_moo Jul 26
I like the book and all... but she just thinks so great about herself but it's not exactly a good thing.
angel2213 angel2213 Jul 12
I like the story but I find it ironic they are commenting on grammatical errors while making one. Am I the only one... not hating or anything
Kshinault14 Kshinault14 Aug 06
I'm 14 and literally only 5 ft my doctors said that I have stopped growing
BeachyCreek BeachyCreek Jun 05
People need to calm tf down. It's just a Fanfiction, get over yourselves. It's just a character. Like it or love it. Me on the other hand, loves it.
BeachyCreek BeachyCreek Jun 05
Okay let's all pretend that this is our room and we can all have little Wattpad and Fanfiction sleepover parties together and everyone gets exactly what they want whenever they want. Let's all just be besties! Life's better that way😉💗
kcittycatz kcittycatz Jun 20
I love that outfit too bad I would lose all my dignity if I did wear that