My Mom's Boyfriends' Son.

My Mom's Boyfriends' Son.

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This story is about your mom that's looking for someone and finally finds one... but there's someone moving into your room, and guess what? HE SAW YOU NAKED!! 

I realized that I forgot to shut the door behind me, so I quickly opened the curtains and I pushed the door but to realize that there was a foot in the way and a GOD just walked in. I took a glance at him and he took a a glance at my body, I quickly looked away and got back in the shower. I asked him to leave but he just stood there. He opened the curtains and he was completely naked I shook my head covered my eyes and my body. 
"Open your eyes.", he said i just shook my head and I hid in the back corner of the tub.
"Oh, come onnnnn!" he said but I didn't budge realizing that I wasn't covering my boobs I quickly put my knees up to my face. 

He sat down next to me... 
"Cover yourself!" I said. 

He eventually got up and walked out. I heard movement in my bedroom and I turned off the water and got dry and dressed I walked out and saw there was a blue bed and a worker adding another window by the blue bed suddenly he walked out and 'HE' walked in so I rolled my eyes and sat on my vanity table and did my makeup. Suddenly I felt hands on my thigh and I slapped the hand.

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