Violet Scarlett

Violet Scarlett

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Violet has been tortured for more than half of her life for being different from other wolves. She was abused physically and mentally when she didn't shift like all other children.

On her sixteen birthday she changed from a broken human to a broken ruthless wolf after being rejected by her mate and a horrible incident. 

With her companion she traveled in and out of territories seeking revenge dodging the destiny she knew she would have after finding it out on her sixteen birthday becoming THE ruthless rogue.

Four years later she is now the alpha of one of the most powerful pack and one of the most powerful wolves by her sister's side. 

Until demon sightings began to increase and the council paired her with her old pack in order to have a chance against this rising threat.

Her pass is catching on with her, a past she never even knew she had. She has to deal with her old pack uncovering her secrets she thought she had left behind and the ones she currently carries with her.

Now she has to decipher which is the truth and which is not based on her past centuries of life which is all blank to her. Her mysterious connection with the king of demons, attacks against her to break her and her packs trust and a century old council that will do anything to make her unable to fulfill a legend unknown to all.

One things for sure. 

It's going to be hell and Violet Scarlett will be the one sure to bring it.

Revenge and torture takes a big part in her vocabulary in this century.

(editing done by Amellia11 and Myth_es)

copyright@ 2014 RCD
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But she didn't accept the rejection.. so shouldn't her mate feel pain that she was raped..
He is , of all the assholes in the pack , it  just HAD to be him . Smh.
Emotionally  moving....thanks for skipping the rape graphics. I know it is the catalyst to her changed.
If clichés are anything to go by, I'm sure you're the mate love.
My favourite book reading it second time💗💗💗💗💗