The Alpha's Little Mermaid (Book I) {COMPLETED}

The Alpha's Little Mermaid (Book I) {COMPLETED}

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First book in the Hybrid mate series......

His name Joshsan Morgan... Future Alpha of the blood scent pack... He loves running.. And being around people...He has black hair.. Brown eyes and a fit body.... He has A dad .. Mom... And younger sister... He lives his life to the fullest.. Waiting for his mate in the process.... He meets a certain red haired .. Pink eyed girl.. A goddess in his eyes.... He loved her even before he knew her name... His life was great having his mate.. His pack.. His family.. Totally unaware of the evil within his own pack.. He never thought that he would be betrayed by the person so close to his heart... How will he cope with this change......?

Her name Jewels Blood Waters.. She loves to dance .. Swim.. Anything red is her style.. She has a mom. Her dad.. Her older twin siblings... She had long red hair.. Weird pink eyes.. And behold the beauty of the earth itself.... Her life was great .. Her secret was safe... Until they had to move to the blood scent pack territory... There she meets a black hair .. Brown eyes boy who would change her life forever... Twist and turns.. Ups and downs... Good time and bad times.. Times of war... Is she prepared for these changes... Can she handle a pack... Can she handle her bestfriend coming back after 3 years only to destroy her....But can she hurt her bestfriend who is her cousin but they grew up like sisters..... Can she handle the evils lurking deep within... Can she be the 

    Alpha's Little Mermaid? 

This may not be based entirely about mates... It's mostly about two blood bonded bestfriends find their true strength and love for one another... To try and accept that they are the Moon twins...

This is my first book of this type... This not edited.. I repeat... This is NOT edited... Read at your own risk.. You have been warned ...

Thank you for picking this book.. Hope you like it... ENJOY!!!

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