The Science of Fiction Q&A

The Science of Fiction Q&A

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R. A. Consell By raconsell Updated Dec 18, 2018

Curious how werewolves could work without magic? Wondering how far you could fall while wearing a suit of armor without getting killed? Curious what to make your sword of legend out of?

This is the place to ask. 

I mostly write fiction, but my dayjob is teaching science and engineering.  This book is an ongoing work of scientific answers to your fictional questions.

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MiaMeade MiaMeade Aug 17, 2018
Yeah, definitely don't want those vampire spies to overhear 🦇💥🧛‍♂️
spacethyme spacethyme Aug 10, 2018
Quantum entanglement is one of the most interesting phenomena I’ve ever read about. But I wonder if, hypothetically of course, we can use it to explain stuff like intuition or seemingly inexplicable affection/bonding (something like Oxytocin, but on a sub-atomic level)?
MiaMeade MiaMeade Aug 17, 2018
OMG GETTING EVIL IDEAS!!! human makes link detector. Like a super genius coder. And then they can spy on the link!
MiaMeade MiaMeade Aug 17, 2018
I didn't know any of this, but that's exactly how I pictured the link!
Squibstress Squibstress Nov 14, 2018
Brilliant idea. I really could have used this when I was writing my Harry Potter time-travel story. As a medical writer, my understanding of theoretical physics is ... shaky.