Honey, this mirror isn't big enough for the two of us

Honey, this mirror isn't big enough for the two of us

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Al By aldualma Updated Mar 16, 2011

When Rome ran away from her overprotective mother in Los Angeles after finishing high school, all she could afford was a one-way ticket to New Jersey, where she pretended to crash her older brother’s ex-best friend place. 

Having no more than the gorgeous 26-year-old, look-alike-Kurt-Cobain cartoonist to keep an eye on her, Rome’s life begins to get way out of control while she makes new friends and bad choices that might drag the people she loves down with her.

What will it take for her to grow up and start thinking about her future? And just how late will it be when she realizes there’s something more to life than partying?

  • alcohol
  • drugs
  • friendship
  • jersey
  • los
  • new
  • overprotection
  • partying
  • ángeles
aldualma aldualma Mar 06, 2011
@emilyrb Yeah but if I figured that if I only showed her packing up and leaving the house it would look irrelevant unless you knew why, or at least had some clues. Thanks!
shelbylw03 shelbylw03 Mar 05, 2011
This is great.  You write very well and I didn't see any errors.  Awesome so far. *voted*
tianajade tianajade Mar 05, 2011
A good beginning. I like your characters name (: Most of your writing flows smoothly, which is good! I found no grammar or spelling errors! :D *Thumbs up*. A nice start, keep writing! *Voted*.
Clover Clover Mar 05, 2011
Ooo Im hooked! :DDD My gosh this is awesome!!! :]
                              voted! and fanned!!!
purplegirl14 purplegirl14 Mar 04, 2011
This is really good! It is a nice way to start becuase it makes readers want to know more. Not that many mistakes. Good start. Keep it up! And I hope you enjoy my story too.
purpleblackberry purpleblackberry Mar 04, 2011
@aldualma oh wow sorry i was typing all that out and didn't see you say that you got it :/ lol well maybe you'll like to see it so spelled out haha if you delete that comment i won't blame you lol