A Tale Of A Lifetime

A Tale Of A Lifetime

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Sici Lee By bluecolora Updated 2 days ago

Maxine Gosiasco, a well-known writer with a special interest about romantic fairytales, got dumped by her two-timer ex-fiance. Driven out by her sorrow and heartbreak, she bought strong liquors and get drunk at home. When she saw her best-selling book sample lying not far from her sight, she reached out for it and tear it pages by pages out of her madness. When she had vented out all her pent up feelings, she felt tired and closed her eyes with silent tears on her cheeks.

Later on, when she had opened her eyes, she discovers that she was sent to another place and time... After few observations, she realized she was transmigrated on her best-selling book which consists of various fairytale stories ... However, her interest on fairytales no longer appeals to her after what her ex-fiance did. Added to her annoyance is that she was currently the villainess of the story she created wherein most of the events that will happen is in favor of the heroine... How can she possibly survived with her life intact? Knowing how harsh she was when it comes to writing the antagonist life and personality that was dislike by everyone...

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Zodiac121323 Zodiac121323 3 days ago
The poor girl! Wtf!? It would only be natural for her to be 'evil'!
It was repeating over and over again the same line and paragraph. Please erase the excess paragraphs. Thank you
QueenAllycara QueenAllycara 5 days ago
You truly are amazing with word and the story is beautifully written but sometimes I get lost in the length of your sentences. Remeber short sentences are just as good as long ones.